Monday, May 8, 2017

Things Are Coming Soon!

Hello!  If this is your first time coming to my blog, I welcome you with open arms.  You probably look at the blankness of this page and wonder, "What is it this person has to offer?"  Well, it's many things that I will try to offer.  I offer my honest opinions on all things nerd.  Video games, movies, comics, tabletop, etc.  I'm not an expert in all things nerd, but I'm working at being informed about all of the things that are out there.  I'm committed to bringing accurate information and entertainment to your lives.  I will not only be writing things, but also sharing podcasts that I record with friends/guests.

My hope is to expand your horizons into viewpoints you might not otherwise hear.  I want to speak with people from different walks of life about nerd/geek life and what it means to them.  I want to engage a community full of those people and create a space where we all get to come together to share this little something of ourselves that we all have in common.

I promise that this will always be a safe space for everyone with open minds and open hearts.  I encourage feedback (please be constructive), but I know that I will not tolerate threats or disparaging treatment of others.  This is absolute.

I hope that we can share some drinks across the internet's.  Let's have some laughs, maybe some tears (I hope not too many), but most of all I want you to enjoy this space as much as I plan too.  Stick with me, I'm going to get some podcasts up soon and will start writing again.  Sometimes, getting those creative juices flowing can be a challenge when real-life is getting in the way of all my fun.  Thank you for being awesome and checking out my page!